VDownloader 0.2 – Download videos from Youtube, Google video and Grinvi

May 26, 2006 at 7:36 am | Posted in Tutorials | 139 Comments
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Fixed the problem with youTube videos. If you have problems downloading Youtube videos, download version 0.2 again.

Vdownloader 0.2 is out. This program allows you download videos from Youtube, Google Video and Grinvi and save them as AVI or MPG files.

Version 0.2 changelog:

  • Now videos can also be saved in MPG format.
  • Google videos are downloaded directly from Google servers in the original format (may not work if you don’t have the right codecs installed).
  • Ability to browse video pages.


Video Downloader


There is a new version latest stable version of vDownloader. You can download vDownloader software for free from our Social Technology Blog site: http://www.techwacky.com

!!! We are not updating this blog anymore !!!

Download Latest version of vDownloader from : 



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  1. Hey dostooo, thanx 4 de awesome stuff!!! was lukin for this…
    gud job…keep em comin 🙂

  2. I use a Mac computer….any chance of a Mac version….pretty please?

  3. when i copy and paste the url of a youtube video it keeps coming up as a invalid url address. what is your suggestion to this problem, also i have the latest vdownloader. thanks [let me know]

  4. haven’t tried it yet

  5. Downloaded the latest version but keep getting an error message when I hit the download button – Socket Error #11001 Host not Found. What does this mean?

    URL is a good one and I can see the Youtube video on it’s homesite without any problems.

    Thanks, — mn

  6. hello everyone the best way to download videos from you tube is from windows me or lower just play the video when it completes go to windows folder and then go to internet temporary files and finf the video called getvideo.php and rename it by name of video.flv and copy to ur personal folder easy easy easy

  7. This tool dont work worth a shit. Learn how to program fool.

  8. Works like a charm.
    The url is located on the right side of the video window . copy>paste these url links into vdowloader.exe and voila.
    (when using youtube.com)

    Junk Hater said,
    “This tool dont work worth a shit. Learn how to program fool.”

    If you can’t read or are just to lazy to read don’t leave stupid comments. Or learn how to read moron.

  9. Hi
    Good Idea, i came accross this downloader on net.
    i downloaded a video called TheOccultOfComm, i choose mpeg format but it saved only as .avi , after download i open the file but it doesn’t work.
    am i doing any thing wrong?

    Please throw some comments.


  10. Hi!

    OK – I tried downloading the same file from YouTube in several different formats – two in mpg format, one the original size and one increased and had problems with both. The video in increased size did not play at all, but the mpg in original size played, but in super fast speed. Then I tried downloading a third time in .avi format – original size and no problem! File Played perfertly, sound was good. So I know now that I should just download in the default size in AVI format and it works great. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

  11. how to download videos from vidiac i have a headache and find nothing i already use vdownloader and youtube grabber for this purpose but as a result find nothing please help me

  12. vdownloader saves the video fine, but I’m getting no sound. Any ideas???

  13. nice. worked a treat. does the mpg function work?.

  14. […] If you want to save that great Google Video or YouTube video, you need this tool: VDownloader […]

  15. Nice work, can download in all formats fine..just have to keep the defult video size sometimes.

    Thanks for putting your free time into this, I don’t get it when people complain in a bad way…you don’t like it go and program it yourselves…idiots

  16. Great software, works perfectly on youtube!

    Is there any chance you could add support for metacafe (http://www.metacafe.com) videos?


  17. D*mn it, man, you did a nice job on this! Just took the avi and mpeg defaults and it works. Blessings on you.

  18. Why my downloads stop when they reach 69 – 79%?

    I’ve downloaded only one full movie, now all of them stop and don’t work…

    Please help…

  19. Works perfectly for me using YouTube videos.
    Great Product, saves time visiting the site now.
    Guys, if you can’t get it to work check your machine out before slating the guy who wrote the program. Must have worked or it wouldn’t be released would it !!!!! Alternatively if you have checked your machine out and still no luck, invest in a nice sturdy bat and smash the monitor till it does work, you never know, idiots !!!!!!!
    Well Done Buddy !!

  20. Now ad support for innertube i.e. cbs.com videos that would be great.

  21. Hey, guys, umm this software is weird. It downloaded but for some reason i cannot find the file. It save in my desktop just to make sure, and it doesnt appear anywhere, i have tried it like a dozen times, it would say process finished but then its gone, nowhere to be found.

  22. same problem here
    i cant find the file anywhere in my computer

  23. Hey great utility.
    Thanks for giving your time and energy to the entire world.
    Hope this gets you noticed so you ge tgreat job offers when you leave school.

  24. Hy, I think this is a great program ,but I have been having problems lately.
    I downloaded heaps of stuff off youtube with it ,but now it stopped.
    First I got an error message saying can not copy to clipboard. Now when I click
    on download ,all it does is bo back to my directory that conatins the Vdownloader program, it use to come up with the name of the video and I could just press save. If anyone has any idea why this is happening ,please can u email me on auto7890@campus.ie

  25. This program is very good.

  26. Keeps coming up “The requested IPVersion/address family is not supported ???????

  27. I have read all the comments above and swa that some of you guys had met so much problems with the program. Actually it’s work for me. I’ve just downloaded an MV from youtube and I got it as an mpg file as I chose.

    Thanx for the program.

  28. I have used the program, I´ve done the download but I can´t find the file in my computer.
    Can anyone help me?

  29. i cnat find my files nether, where are the files i downloaded. can someone help

  30. oh i fixed the problem,
    if you cant find your file most likely you
    did not run the ffmpeg.exe file first

  31. This is the best product out for extracting videos from youtube,


  32. Rent Boy you can try fidyo 2.0 for metacafe 😉

  33. this works like a charm, don’t pay attention to this haters. thanks again

  34. for the most part i have had good results with vdownloader but you cannot download all videos using this program. for instance, if a video on youtube has been “flagged” and you try to copy and paste its URL in the vdownloader window it will give you an error response. it will not download the file. kind of annoying but good for downloading music videos , and other cool stuff you want to keep around.

  35. I downloaded from youtube but I can not see these file, exp: I downloaded a avi file from youtube but can not open it by realplayer. it showed a gereral error has occurred. Is ther any comment

  36. please give videoes with the url,not on youtube bcz due to this we are unable to download these clips.so plz give the clips in previous form and with the download option too.

  37. haha
    this program appears to have a lot of fuckups so far….

  38. One odd effect, whatever program I play it on a converted file always thinks it is only 14 seconds long – it still carries on playing beyond this point though!! Other than that a top tool, many thanks.

  39. i use mac too is there a version for it????

  40. Hi, I use Apples MacBook. How I can get VDownloader to this?
    Someone please tell me?


  41. i downloaded the latest verson of vdowloader, but after i installed it and when i try downloading vids from youtube, it keeps saying error check if u installed correctly and ffmpeg must be in the same folder even when i put them in different folders.

  42. ¡Funciona perfecto!

  43. Works perfectly!
    Thanks so much

  44. I’ve tried the software, and it doesn’t work wirth shit. Buggy, the files dissappear. If it doesn’t work on my computer, it ain’t worth shit.

  45. no problem

  46. my downloaded files are empty, video klip have 0kb 😥 pls help

  47. for the most part i have had good results with vdownloader but you cannot download all videos using this program. for instance, if a video on youtube

  48. xcssssssssss

  49. when i download it , it gives me an error it says that a file has to be in the same folder as vdownloader

  50. y

  51. thankth for this programs

  52. this is awesome.worked first time an every time for me.thanks alot.

  53. I use http://www.savetube.com to save any youtube video. They also got tools and cool features like seeing whats the latest downloaded videos, pretty nice if you ask me 🙂

  54. holaa

  55. thank you.

  56. who to download this progam vdownloader

  57. good


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  60. its agood programme

  61. buien programa

  62. HELP!
    Whenever I download videos, the file does not play and says it is 0kb
    Please help, I need some videos urgently!

  63. […] If you want to save that great Google Video or YouTube video, you need this tool: VDownloader If you want to save a streaming Microsoft video (like an ASX playlist), then this is the tool you […]

  64. i need this program

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  66. […] If you want to save that great Google Video or YouTube video, you need this tool: VDownloader If you want to save a streaming Microsoft video (like an ASX playlist), then this is the tool you […]

  67. need this program

  68. hi

  69. thanx

  70. hi

  71. hello

  72. thanx

  73. please send the video vdownloader

  74. haven’t seen

  75. haven;t seen yet

  76. Will it work on 56K??

  77. […] VDownloader – If you want to save that great Google Video or YouTube video, you need this tool […]

  78. thanks

  79. This is the best product out for extracting videos from youtube,


  80. Motherfuckers

  81. this sounds helpful…

  82. I’ve been using Vdownloader for 12 months, with no problems…worked great. It DL’ed and converted and I’d burn them to disc as a VCD. Last week it no longer works.
    Message says file not found or invalid url…..?????
    I DL’ed 0.5 version – it downloads but then the file disappears and can’t be found anywhere in computer.
    I heard that Google were going to do something to stop people from being able to down load videos – could this be why people are having trouble now?

    Can anyone help me or tell me what’s going on? Thanks.

  83. #
    James Clay Jensen said,

    June 12, 2007 @ 9:30 am


    James Clay Jensen said,

    June 12, 2007 @ 9:30 am


  84. thanks

  85. Carol, the same problem is happening for me. Vdownloader doesn’t work anymore. I download as .flv and use super to convert to avi but that causes the sound to be off by a few seconds so it’s useless. I don’t know what else to do 😦

  86. download is slow as fuck

  87. nice work…good stuff! thnx!

  88. fgdfgfdghjhgkiuo/j

  89. awsome software

  90. awesome software

  91. Do have a Mac version of this program?

  92. X]

  93. This is stupid, why cant I download from this site?

  94. Can’t download the software….why?

  95. Can’t download the software….why?

  96. This site is fucking stupid.

  97. Well, I saw all this comments on this page but nobody said what is happening about vdownloader. I installed it in my PC but it was working good but now it doesn´t work anymore… I installed version 5 and 6 after but it still doesn´t work. Somebody knows what we need to do to fix it… When I open it… this message appears int the screen ( This isn´t a valid address or the video is not availabe for public download )
    I hope somebody knows how to fix it… and don´t let it like doubt for the others friends in this URL…
    Is good to share our knowledge with other people…
    So, I hope a good answer about it….!

  98. I downloaded version 0.6 – worked fantastic for a couple of days, then suddenly doesn’t work. I think it errors, but it happens quickly. Basically the file “downloads” in about 1 second, says “done” – but there is no file downloaded in any location. What’s going on? have youtube worked out how to block this too?

  99. since the past few days many people have had problems downloading videos thru any downloader (javimoya, ook, youtubex, youtubegrabber). All return an error that says invalid url.

    Youtube has probably overhauled its site to prevnet such downloads

  100. since the past few days many people have had problems downloading videos thru any downloader (javimoya, ook, youtubex, youtubegrabber). All return an error that says invalid url.

    Youtube has probably overhauled its website to prevnet such downloads

  101. where are the answers to all of these questions??

    where is the mac version downloand?

  102. dose the VDowloader give a virus???

  103. akash was right no need for any reograms coz it might not compatible to your os.. just need to rename the format in lower version…lol

  104. iuyouo

  105. This program is very good,txs

  106. vDownloader 0.61, the latest as at Jan 2008, no longer works on YouTube.

    The program was working fine two weeks ago.

    And it still works on some video sharing sites (not google video).

    Guess the programmers at YouTube must have changed some stuffs.

    I hope the nx version of the vDownloader can solve the problem.

    Does anyone has any solution at present? Downloading the FLV then using the FLV player still works, but when you need to embed a video clip in PowerPoint, then FLV can’t do the job.

  107. Vdownloader quit working for me also. It worked for me for several months. I have found other programs that will work but it’s more complicated, because I downloaded a downloader, a converter, and then a codec.
    I found this website – http://www.softpedia.com
    did a search for youtube downloaders
    downloaded one named Easy Video Downloader- http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Download-Managers/Easy-Video-Downloader.shtml
    It downloads some of the videos as FLV files – so a converter is needed… I found this one…. http://www.fdrlab.com/flv-to-avi.html
    BUT it wouldn’t play the video part – only the audio – so it needs a Codec – mostly an XVid codec. So I found this website: http://www.free-codecs.com

    http://www.free-codecs.com/XP_Codec_Pack_download.htm and after installing codec it works

  108. You can convert the FLV to any formay you chose by using SUPER encoder

    I use Mozilla firefox and a firefox add on called download helper to get the FLV file then I convert it to AVI with Super (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer)
    Works perfect and its 100% free

    Good luck

  109. Just as YouTubeConverter said on Jan25, mine had been working fine recently, up to maybe 1st Feb 08. I was using v0.61 – maybe Youtube mess about with the vids for short while, then it might work again!?!? I’m gonna download v2.0 and try again anyway!

  110. when i copy and paste the url of a youtube video it keeps coming up as a invalid url address. what is your suggestion to this problem

  111. thnx

  112. Hi,
    I use to download and save youtube videos
    Here you can also search, watch and download youtue videos.
    All in One 🙂

  113. now you can also download youtube videos as mp3 on http://www.downloadyoutubevids.com

  114. i love this program!

  115. i want screenservers to my space.

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  118. Vdownloader cannot download youtube video’s- “invalid URL” error

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  120. I’m gonna try this one for sure.
    I have had great results also with http://www.tubeleecher.com

  121. yep awesome method .
    I have had great results also with http://www.tubeleecher.com

  122. yep awesome method .
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  124. What impudence!

  125. okay i have vdownloader…and it downloads vids perfectly but i go to open them up and i can’t..it says stuff like ‘could not be imported. The required codec was not downloaded automatically because the Download codecs automatically check box is not selected in the Options dialog box.’ idk what to do help me please!!!!!

  126. i have a vdownloader problem. my vdownloader has an error

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